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Cincinnati Bickford Tool Co.
Oakley, OH

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Title: 1895 Article-Bickford Drill & Tool Co., Extra Heavy Boring & Drilling Machine
Source: Chicago Journal of Commerce, V66 #1, 03 Jan 1895, pg. 11
Insert Date: 10/28/2014 5:01:15 PM

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Extra Heavy Boring & Drilling Machine

The illustration shown represents the new boring and drilling machine just placed on the market by the Bickford Drill & Tool Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

The machine is specially designed for boring heavy forgings and cutting out holes from solid steel plates. The construction of the tool is a very heavy one, and all parts are so proportioned that perfect satisfaction is secured in doing the heaviest work. The spindle is of forged steel, and has a taper hole in the end for large drills, likewise threads on the outside for tool-holding heads. The spindle measures 6 inches on the bottom and 4 inches on the top end. It is counterbalanced and has four changes of automatic feed, but can also be fed down by hand, quick return wheel or lever, same as on their standard drills. The distance between the housings on the machine as shown is 3 feet, but the distance can be varied to suit requirements of the case. The ratio of the bevel-gear and the driving-pinion is 4 to 1, the gear being 24 inches in diameter, the pinion 6 inches in diameter; both 3 inch face and machine cut. The back gears are very heavy 4 and 3 pitch gears, with a ratio of 6½ to 1. The cone pulleys are 18inches, 15½ inches, 13 inches and 10½ inches in diameter and 4¾ inch face. Tight and loose pulleys are 22 inch diameter, 5 inch face. The machine will weigh fully 9,000 lbs., and is guaranteed in every detail. Any further information together with prices and full particulars will be sent on application the manufacturers.
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1895 Bickford Drill & Tool Co., Extra Heavy Boring & Drilling Machine
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