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Manufactured By:
Goodell & Waters
Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1883 Article - Keystone Flooring Machine
Source: "Carpentry and Building" Vol. V, No. 4. Apr. 1883. Pg. 68.
Insert Date: 10/5/2003 8:50:21 PM

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Keystone Flooring Machine.

The increasing demand for special machinery for special purposes is becoming more and more imperative, and the makers of wood-working machinery are constantly confronted with problems of this kind. Particularly has this demand been urged for a strong, compact, simple and fast-feeding flooring machine. In the accompanying illustration we present to our readers a general view of the Keystone flooring machine, designed and manufactured by Messrs. Goodell & Waters, of Philadelphia, Pa. Retaining the most desirable features of the Woodworth machines, it contains many noticeable additional features, among which are the adjustments of the pressure bars to and from the cutters, so as to enable the operator to extend them when a deep cut is desired, and to set the bars close to the knives at all times, Another feature of importance is embraced in the guides for the lower head, which are yielding, to prevent undue friction on the lumber. The head has a divided expansion cut which enables it to work easier without slivering the wood or pulling- out knots, and a tongue and groove can be adjusted for wet and dry lumber. This also admits of easing the tongue without removing the cutters when they are worn. This is probably the most economical feature of the machine, as it effects a great saving in cutters, since one set of cutters will work any tongue and groove from 3/8 to 3/4 inch. The machine is particularly well adapted for fine work, such as moldings, wainscoting and ceiling. Attention should also be called to the raising and expansion gears, and to the sides, the housings for rolls being cast on. The counter-shafting has tight and loose pulleys 12 inches in diameter, and 8 inches in face, with a speed of 850 revolutions per minute. In all respects the machine has been carefully designed, and the best construction has been embodied in it.
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