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Manufactured By:
E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co.
Buffalo, NY

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Title: 1907 Article-E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., # 36 Barrel Trusser
Source: The National Coopers' Journal Feb 1907, pg 2
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Holmes' New No. 36 Trusser — The illustration herewith presented shows what is commonly known to the slack barrel trade as the "Jumbo Trusser," a machine designed for leveling and then driving truss hoops on both ends of slack barrels. In describing the "Jumbo Trusser" its manufacturers, the E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., Buffalo, N. Y., have the following to say:
This machine is automatic, stopping after trussing each barrel, or continuous in its operation, leveling and trussing the barrels as rapidly as the operator can roll them in, up to 6,000 barrels a day. We find that this machine surpasses every other machine made in the amount of work it will do. It will do the work on all sizes of packages-from half to whole barrels, with requisite number of cones. This machine is furnished complete with cones for one size package. Pulley on machine is 24 inches in diameter, 7 inch face; revolutions of countershaft, 500, tight and loose pulleys, 14 inches in diameter, 7 inch face; weight, 7000 lbs.; floor space required, 3 feet 9 inches by 14 feet, 10 inches; contains 250 cubic feet; horse power required, 5.
The handsome 1907 catalogue of the E. & B; Holmes Machinery Co., which should be in the possession of every barrel maker, shows not only the "Jumbo Trusser' but a complete line of the cooperage machinery as manufactured by them. If any of our readers are without one of these catalogues, send in your application-at once. It will receive the promptest attention, as will also any inquiry for further information concerning the Holmes machinery. Address communications to E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., 59 Chicago St., Buffalo, N. Y.
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1907 E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., # 36 Barrel Trusser
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