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E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co.
Buffalo, NY

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Title: 1906 Article-E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., #49 Barrel Heading Rounder
Source: The National Coopers' Journal Oct 1906, pg 8
Insert Date: 12/31/2011 1:06:47 PM

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The Holmes Heading Rounder.
A very important machine to the manufacturer of slack barrel heading in these days of active competition is the heading rounder, and right here in this connection we venture to express the opinion that every maker of staves should also be a maker of heading.
The reason for this is found in the fact that the manufacturer who wishes to keep his mill running and his help employed must be ready at all times to supply what the market calls for. Take the present time for instance. Heading is almost impossible to find even at very high prices while staves are still in good supply at only fair prices. This condition frequently develops and seems to suggest to the man who has the proper material that he should have heading machinery ready to operate when it is in heavy demand.
Of course the heading sawing machine comes first but the heading rounder such as is shown here is a close second.
We therefore invite your attention to the cut which represents a most perfect machine for turning or circling barrel heads for slack barrels, or any kind of heads where the heading material has been brought to an even thickness. Heads from seven to twenty inches in diameter can be turned on this machine by having the proper size clamps and saws. Machine is furnished complete for turning One Size heading. It is Automatic in its operation, discharging the head when turned. The action of the foot lever clamps the head and then swings the saw into operation. The upright lever is used simply to disengage the saw and head, if desired, before the head is fully circled. Machine is fitted with swinging mandrel and saw, which does the work much easier and smoother than a fixed mandrel. It is strong, durable and not likely to get out of order.
So say the E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., of Buffalo, who manufacture this and many other cooperage machines. They will gladly send information as to this machine or any machine shown in their great catalogue. We also call attention to their advertisement in each issue of the Journal as a new cut is shown every month.
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1906 E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., #49 Barrel Heading Rounder
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