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Manufactured By:
H. B. Underwood & Co.
Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1903 Article-H. B. Underwood & Co., Crankpin Turning Machine
Source: Machinery Magazine Apr 1903 pg 427
Insert Date: 7/12/2011 9:21:29 PM

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One of the most difficult jobs in connection with steam engine repair work is that of re-turning large crankpins, since it is unpractical to remove them from the disks and the turning must be done in place. The cut illustrates a machine that is designed for this sort of work and is capable of turning a crank pin up to 15 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. The machine is placed over the pin with the center, shown at the right hand side, fitting the female center in the end of the crankpin. The four radial screws at the outer end of the machine are then used to adjust it properly in line with the pin, after which it is clamped to the crank by bolts and the adjusting screws are backed off out of the way of the cutter. In some pins the outer end has a tapped hole, used for bolting on a cap, and when used with such pins the center shown in the cut is replaced by a rod and bushing, which fit the tapped hole. The end of the rod projects from the center of the outer end of the machine and is clamped there by a split hub.
The cutter-head, carrying the turning tools, is held in an annular ring which revolves in a traveling head frame. On the back of the ring is cut a gear so that it may be driven by a pinion connected to the driving shaft. Upon this shaft may be mounted a pulley or grooved sheave so that the machine can be driven from any convenient belt or rope drive. Upon opposite sides of the frame that carries the cutter-head are two feed screws, which are connected at the top by suitable gears meshing with the feed gears, on the driving shaft, and thus providing for automatic feed. When finishing fillets, at the top or bottom of a pin, the automatic feed may be disconnected and the head fed by means of a crank applied to the end of one of the feed screws. The machine is the product of H. B. Underwood and Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
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1903 H. B. Underwood & Co., Crankpin Turning Machine
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