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Manufactured By:
Putnam Machine Co.
Fitchburg, MA

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Title: 1895 Article-Putnam Machine Co., Gap Bed Chucking Lathe
Source: Modern Mechanism 1895 pg 463
Insert Date: 6/20/2011 9:18:15 PM

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Gap Chucking-Lathe—Fig. 12 shows a gap chucking-lathe made by the Putnam Machine Co. It is an improved tool of great range and capacity, with 25 and 50 in. swing, the gap being 20 ¾ in. long. The cone is balanced, and has four shifts for a wide belt. The head-stock has ground journals with anti-friction metal boxes, which compensate for wear and preserve the original alignment of the live and dead centers. The bed-slider is operated by rack and pinion.
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1895 Putnam Machine Co., Gap Bed Chucking Lathe
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