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Knapp Dovetailing-Machine Co.
Northampton, MA

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Title: 1890 Article-Knapp Dovetailing-Machine Co., Clement Dovetailing Machine
Source: Picturesque Hampshire Nov 1890 pg 96
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The Knapp Dovetailing Machine Co.
An engraving is given herewith of the Clement dovetailing machine, an invention of long-tried and approved use among cabinet-makers and furniture manufacturers throughout the country, the shops of which are in the Whitney fire-arms building at Florence. It can hardly be necessary for us to describe this invention. Every one who has a piece of furniture has noticed at one time or another, the ingenious manner in which the parts of drawers, etc., are fitted together, as snugly and closely as if they had grown there. The mortises and entering pieces of wood were made by a dovetailing machine, and the Clement and Knapp dovetailing machines are the best of their kind. There are now and have been for several years, many of these machines in use in different parts of the country, and the tools for them have to be constantly renewed, so the work of making them is quite a business of itself. Mr. Hill is the proprietor of the Knapp Dovetailing machine and he is now pushing forward the Clement dovetailer, invented by Nathan S. Clement.
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1890 Knapp Dovetailing-Machine Co., Clement Dovetailing Machine
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Knapp Dovetailing Machine from Hall & Brown Catalog pg 91
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