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Erie City Iron Works
Erie, PA

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Title: 1890 Article-Erie City Iron Works, Detached Portable Steam Engine
Source: The Steam User 1890 pg 76
Insert Date: 4/19/2011 8:52:36 PM

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The engraving on the opposite page represents a detached portable engine; this engine has slide-valves, balanced cranks, locomotive slides, and steel piston and valve rods. The cranks are cut from solid forgings, and have no welds to give out. All the wearing surfaces are large, and the parts are strong enough to admit of high speed and a corresponding increase of power. The cylinders have hot-air jackets, which economize steam, and the ports are in position to insure perfect drainage. The heater is outside of the engine bed, easily detached, and the pipes accessible. The engine is complete within itself, very compact, and easily set up. All necessary oil cups, cylinder and air cocks, are sent with each engine. The engine " complete as per list," includes large and small pulley turned and balanced, direct acting pump, heater, governor and throttle; but no connecting pipes between engine and boiler, exhaust pipe, foundation bolts or governor belt. When so ordered, these engines are furnished without pump and heater, and the price of same is deducted; or we will furnish an approved injector in place of the pump and heater. These engines may be connected to any style of boiler. This company also manufacture an automatic cut-off engine. The engine is so constructed that the centre of the cylinder is in line with the centre of the crank-shaft. The journals are well proportioned, and the bed at the crank-end is wide, securing a broad surface bearing upon the foundation. The steam-ports are short, and afford ready exit for the exhaust; they are covered by removable plates, allowing easy access for inspection.
The drips from both ends of the cylinder, and from the steam-chest, are connected into one pipe, which should be connected to the exhaust pipe.
The piston valve is perfectly balanced.
The valve-stem is supported at the front end by the stuffing-box, and at the back end by the back steam-chest head, which has an outward extension for this purpose. This relieves the valve-seat of the weight of the valve, and reduces the wear to a minimum amount.
The crank-shaft is cut from a solid forging, the counter-balances are large in diameter, and all the bearings are well finished.
The best form of connecting-rod has been adopted; the boxes are strong and well babbitted; the cross-head is extra heavy, and the wings are spot babbitted.
The bottom slides are independent of the bed, and can be adjusted for wear.
The piston is wide and packed with sprung rings, fitted and turned to give the best results. The valve-stem is of steel, and the valve is properly adjusted when the engine is tested at our works. The rocker arm and bearing are large and well proportioned. The governor is independent of the driving pulley, which is an important feature; it is simple in construction, and has but few parts. The engine is thoroughly well built throughout, and designed for high-speed service. (Manufactured by Erie City Iron Works, Erie, Pa.)
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1890 Erie City Iron Works, Detached Portable Steam Engine
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