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Manufactured By:
Putnam Machine Co.
Fitchburg, MA

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Title: 1890 Article-Putnam Machine Co., Automatic Steam Engine
Source: The Steam User 1890 pg 50
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These engines, having been manufactured by the Putnam Machine Company for many years, are known by the above name. By gradual improvement they have arrived at their present perfection, attaining a truly deserved reputation for all the qualities sought for in a first-class steam-engine —being of extremely simple construction, and noiseless in their operation, while they are unsurpassed for economy, and perfection in regulation.
The steam is admitted to the cylinder at boiler pressure, and cut off at any point in the whole length of thesStroke, as may be required by the load upon the engine, the remaining portion of the stroke being performed by the expansion of the steam thus cut off or shut up within the cylinder. This peculiarity of the cut-off, viz., having a range throughout the whole length of the stroke, is of great importance, as it enables the engine to maintain regular speed under and drive much greater loads that may be suddenly thrown upon it or emergencies require to be overcome, than would be calculated for its maximum load. Also, that if the steam in the boiler, from any cause, be less than its usual pressure, it enables the engine to maintain its regular speed till the steam pressure is so low that by following the entire length of the stroke it is inadequate to the work. Other and important advantages resulting from this property of the engine might be enumerated.
The apparatus for operating the steam and exhaust valves is very simple and durable, consisting of a shaft which is driven by gears from the engine shaft, and by the means of cams, etc., of a peculiar construction, causes the valves to open and close rapidly, and to maintain a full opening of the exhaust valve till the time the stroke is nearly completed. The valves are lifted from and returned to their seats without shock or wear, so that they will keep tight for a long time, and being balanced against steam pressure, require extremely little power to operate them. The whole power required to drive the working parts is reduced to the minimum, so that nearly the entire power of the engine is available for useful purposes. The governor Acts Directly upon the mechanism for operating the Steam Valves, and determines the time of their closing. (Manufactured by the Putnam Machine Co. Fitchburg, Mass.)
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1890 Putnam Machine Co., Automatic Steam Engine
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