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Westinghouse Machine Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

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Title: 1890 Article-Westinghouse Machine Co., Compound & Standard Steam Engines
Source: The Steam User 1890 pgs 38-41
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The practical success attained by the Westinghouse Automatic Engine has put beyond question the merit of the single-acting and self-lubricating principles. The development of this type of engine has been of sound and persistent growth through all stages of faults and perfections, and against unmeasured prejudice and opposition,
always met when a new principle is brought forward. To describe the Westinghouse Engines in their sequence, we should begin with the "Standard" Engine; as the Compound type, of which a good engraving is shown on the opposite page, was the last style perfected.
In the creation of a totally new type of engine, many new mechanical problems were presented for solution, on which precedent in engine building gave little or no light. The engineers who designed the single-acting engine believed that ample provision had been made in every detail for the new conditions presented. The benefit of all doubt was in favor of safety. But, as in all similar cases, the old truth was ra-proven that only long continued experience in the hands of the user could develop weaknesses; and while a brief recital of the difficulties first encountered would be interesting to engineers, let it suffice to say that every weakness and imperfection has been eliminated, and the Westinghouse engines—Compound, Standard, and Junior—of to-day are as perfect as the manufacturers can produce them.
The advantages of compounding are thoroughly understood by engineers, and it is not necessary to say anything as to the economy of compound engines in general, since practical engineers are fully prepared to accept compounding as the one and only road to the highest fuel economy. Compounding is almost universal among European manufacturers, extending down to engines of the smallest size, and has been forced upon them by the close margin of manufacturing profit there obtaining.
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1890 Article-Westinghouse Machine Co., Compound Steam Engine
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1890 Westinghouse Machine Co., Standard Steam Engine
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1890 Westinghouse Machine Co., Compound & Standard Steam Engines
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