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Pennsylvania Iron Works Co.
Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1890 Article-Pennsylvania Iron Works Co., Vertical Steam Engine
Source: The Steam User 1890 pg 4
Insert Date: 4/12/2011 8:38:35 PM

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Among the other styles of engines built by this company is their large Vertical Engine, of which an engraving is shown opposite. The details of these engines are made very strong and heavy. None of the characteristic features of these engines are more indicative of their superiority than their sustainability. The frames and all parts subjected to labor, or upon which any excessive or unexpected strain may come, have the metal properly distributed to receive it, with a sufficient margin of safety. The wearing surfaces are all large. Thorough provision for all adjustment and lubrication has been made. The workmanship on them is the product of the best mechanical skill. Every detail, whether hidden or exposed, is in general keeping with the established standard. The materials are carefully selected, and in every respect the engines are fitted for severe duty. They are supplied with steel crank and cross-head pins, and steel piston and valve rods. The connecting-rods are made of the best hammered iron, with bearing boxes of the best gun metal, as are also the wedges used in adjusting the cross-head. The shafts are of the best hammered iron. The bearings are all extra large, and are lined as desired or to suit duty required.
This company also build self-contained Duplex Vertical Engines, and self-contained Horizontal Slide-Valve Engines, as well as Marine Engines. (The Pennsylvania Iron Works, Philadelphia, Pa.)
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1890 Pennsylvania Iron Works Co., Vertical Steam Engine
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