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Shipman Engine Manufacturing Co.
Rochester, NY, Boston, MA

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Title: 1889 Article-Shipman Engine Manufacturing Co., Steam Engine
Source: Industries of Providence 1889 pg 99
Insert Date: 3/15/2011 8:26:54 PM

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These engines are built in two styles, one for land service and the other for steam launches. They are constructed of from one to eight-horse power, and are simple, efficient and economical: make no dirt and no dust, and they have been in actual service for four years with the utmost satisfaction to the users. The engine and boilers are complete and all ready to run, and contain all parts, such as governor, steam gauge, feed water pump, safety valve, diaphragm and atomizers. They are ready to go to work at once, as soon as water and oil are connected. They do not require expensive foundations, and they have met with an almost phenomenal success. They being made in small power, they can be used to run the smallest machine where power is required, or to furnish momentum to dynamos, exhaust fans or blowing engines, etc., and in addition to the many uses to which they may be put on land, the marine engines for yachts, launches, etc., are specially desirable, both with regard to economy of operation and ease of control and adjustment. Compound engines from eight to sixteen horse-power are also furnished if required. They are automatic in their water and fuel supply and are absolutely safe from explosion.
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1889 Shipman Engine Manufacturing Co., Steam Engine
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