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Manufactured By:
E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co.
Buffalo, NY

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Title: 1920 Article-E & B Holmes-#134 Truss Hoop Remover
Source: Barrel & Box, Dec 1920, V25 pg. 44
Insert Date: 9/24/2016 7:49:38 PM

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The Head truss hoop remover illustrated on this page is manufactured by the E. 8: B. Holmes Machinery Company, of Buffalo, N. Y. This machine, which bears their serial number 134, is designed to remove the head truss hoops preparatory to heading up the barrel. It should be placed directly back of the crozer, so that as the barrel is rolled out of the crozer it can be rolled into the truss hoop remover. The entrance of the barrel into the machine automatically starts it; the hooks pull off the head truss hoops and the barrel and hoops are ejected, leaving the machine ready for the next barrel. It will receive packages up to 22-inch diameter heading, 36-inch length staves. The heavy frame is cast in one piece and all working parts are of steel. The saving in hoops and in labor will soon repay the cost of the machine. The pulley on the machine is 20-inch diameter by 4-inch face and should make 230 r.p.m. with the top of the pulley running from the crozer.

Weight, 2,000 lbs.; floor space,
61/5:27 ft.; cubic contents, 180 cu. ft.;
h. p. 2; code word, “Wizard.”
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1920 E & B Holmes-#134 Truss Hoop Remover
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