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Manufactured By:
Wisconsin Electric Co./Dumore Co.
Racine, WI

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Title: 1921 Article-Wisconsin Electric Co., Dumore #2BD Drill Press
Source: Machinery, V28, Sep 1921, pgs. 76-77
Insert Date: 5/28/2016 8:25:50 PM

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A small portable electric drill known as the model 1-BD having a capacity for drilling holes up to ¼ inch in steel and 3/8 inch in wood is shown in Fig. 1, while a similar drill, model 2-BD, of the same capacity, but mounted on a stand for bench use, is shown in Fig. 2. These drills are manufactured y the Wisconsin Electric Co., 2539 Sixteenth St., Racine, Wis. The drills are equipped with motors which operate on either direct or alternating current. The drill spindle is driven through helical gears made from steal and heat-treated. The surfaces in which theses gears are mounted are ground to size.

The drill spindle is offset 31/32 inch from the center of the housing and runs in two self-aligning annular ball bearings. The column of the bench drill is nickel plated and the overall height of the machine is 20½ inches. The feed is 3¼ inches and is obtained through a rack and pinion. The table is adjustable for height and may be swung to the rear when desiring to drill work resting on the base. Both drills are furnished complete with ten feet of cord, a plug, a switch and a No. 1 Jacobs chuck. The net weight of the bench drill is 21 pounds, and that of the portable drill, 5 pounds.
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1921 Wisconsin Electric Co., Dumore #2BD Drill Press
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1921 Wisconsin Electric Co., Dumore #1BD Drill
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