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S. A. Woods Machine Co.
Boston, MA

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Title: 1921 Article-Woods, S. A., Machine Co., Polyphase Motor
Source: Machinery, V28, Dec 1921, pg. 329
Insert Date: 5/21/2016 7:50:11 PM

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A line of general-purpose, polyphase, squirrel-cage, induction motors, one of which is here illustrated with one-half a head on one end, is now being introduced to the trade by the S. A. Woods Machine Co., Boston, Mass. These motors are enclosed in all sizes up to one horsepower inclusive, and semi-enclosed in larger sizes. They are ventilated by incoming air, which is screened as it enters the motor. The

air then passes through gaps, is guided by a baffle plate over the windings, and exhausted through the bearing heads by the action of a fan. It is said that this system of ventilation insures that the motor will always be dry and free from oil-soaked windings.

The corrugated stator housing gives increased surface area for the radiation of internal heat. All motors have a temperature rise of 40 degrees C. when operated at full load, and the temperature rise does not exceed 50 degrees C. when an overload of 25 per cent is sustained continuously. Lubrication of the bearings is accomplished through the use of wool waste. The stator windings consist of double cotton-covered enamel wire, while the rotor winding is of the cast unit type. Manufacturers who desire may simply purchase the stator and rotor, and supply their own shaft and bearing heads, enabling the motor to be built as an integral part of their product.
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1921 Article-Woods, S. A., Machine Co., Polyphase Motor
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