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Manufactured By:
E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co.
Buffalo, NY

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Title: 1908 Article-E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., Diehl's Edge Sander
Source: Woodcraft, V8, Jan 1908, pgs. 118-119
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The Diehl Edge Sander

The Diehl edge sander solves the problem of sanding the edges of table, desk, dresser and similar tops, and all forms of chair seats and sanitary woodwork. This machine is the one on the market made for the sole purpose of sanding edges rapidly and perfectly and is therefore indispensable in table, desk, organ and furniture factories. The saving in handling stock alone is estimated to pay for the machine in a year. It will sand shapes that are oval, quarter-round, ogee and serpentine, and if a chair seat has two shapes it will sand them with one handling and still do better than by hand, leaving no humps or mean spots. This is done by using a roller and concave shoe to fit the shape to be sanded. When serpentine shapes are sanded, the roller is used to get into the short curves.

The pedestal carrying the tight and loose pulleys and upright shaft is cast in one piece and can be swung around, permitting the machine to be belted from any direction, no matter where it may be placed. An adjustable belt shifter is provided which will receive the belt at any angle. The idle pulley receiving the sand belt is self-adjusting by means of counterweights and can be tilted to make the belt track on its center. The table, shoe and roll can be adjusted in any direction to suit the work and the table is arranged to tilt to sand beveled edges. The bearings being fitted with grease cups are dustproof and all working parts are enclosed, so that no dust or grit can enter. The machine is furnished complete with one shoe and one roll and is built first-class in every way. The floor space is 3 by 7 feet, and the weight is 900 pounds. Further information can be obtained from the manufacturer, the E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., Buffalo, N. Y., or the inventor, Frank Diehl, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.
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1908 E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., Diehl's Edge Sander
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1908 E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co., Diehl's Edge Sander (Top View)
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