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Manufacturers Index - Schimmel, Reid & Co.
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Incorporated in late 1909, this company made patented belt sanders. Fridolin Schimmel was a furniture maker who had, in late 1892, co-founded the Schimmel & Nelson Piano Co., which became the Schimmel Piano Company in 1898. Local businessman W. C. Reid seems to have provided a portion of the startup capital and became the company president. In the early years, at least, the sanders were actually manufactured by another local firm, Faribault Engine Manufacturing Co.

By 1921 the Schimmel sander was being manufactured by The Kent Co. of Faribault; we have seen an example with "The Kent Mfg. Co. / Faribault, Minn." cast into it. Richard B. Kent had been the secretary and treasurer of Schimmel-Reid & Co. Meanwhile, Fridolin Schimmel continued his piano-making business, which had become Schimmel & Co., and diversified its product mix to include furniture.

Advertisement from the November 1913 "The Wood Worker"

Information Sources

  • History of Rice and Steele Counties, Minnesota, by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, 1910, has this tidbit:
    Schimmel Piano Company. Among Faribault's manufacturing enterprises and one that has helped to contribute to the industrial development of the city is that of the Schimmel piano factory, manufacturers of high grade pianos, whose office and factory are located at corner Central avenue and Sixth street. The business was established by Fridolin Schimmel, with the co-operation of Faribault's business men, about the year 1893, and from the first the productions of the firm have been in steadily increasing demand, and the Schimmel pianos today are used by many artists and musicians in preference to all others. About the year 1898 Mr. Schimmel became the sole owner of the business.
    Elsewhere in the book it says, in a listing of the events of 1893, "January 26, Schimmel & Nelson Piano Company incorporated at Faribault." And yet elsewhere, in a paragraph about Faribault Engine Manufacturing Co. it says "The company also manufactures a sanding machine for Schimmel & Reed."
  • Biennial Report of the Minnesota. Treasurer's Office for the fiscal year ending July 31, 1910, lists an incorporation feed of $50 paid on November 23 [1909] by Schimmel-Reid & Co. of Faribault.
  • The January 1910 Modern Machinery lists new incorporations, including
    Minnesota, Faribault—Schimmel, Reid & Co. Manufacturer the Schimmel Spiral Belt Sander. Incorporators: F. Schimmel, W. Hoerger, and W. C. Reid. Capital $50,000.
  • The 1910 Report of the Minnesota State Auditor lists the incorporation of Schimmel Reid Auditing Co., Faribault on November 23.
  • A 1912 patent for an automotive shock absorber was granted to Fridolin Schimmel and assigned to Schimmel, Reid & Co.
  • A 1912 issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly mentioned under class of '97' that "Richard B. Kent is with the Schimmel-Reid Tool & Machinery Company of Faribault, Minn.
  • Used "Schimmel" belt sanders listed in ad in a 1920 issue of The Wood-Worker. This implies that Mr. Schimmel worked on his own before throwing in with Mr. Reid.
  • The 1920 edition of the Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory lists "Schimmel Reid & Co. Willard Reid pres. R. B. [Kent] sec and treas machinery 533 Central av. Also listed is "Schimmel & Co. (Fridolin Schimmel) piano mnfrs 401 Central av".
  • Advertisements in 1913 and 1914 issues of Wood Craft for Schimmel, Reid & Co.'s "Spiral Belt Sander", better known as a stroke sander or hand block sander.
  • Thanks to Bill Simmeth, who noticed a Schimmel-Reid & Co. sander on eBay and brought it to our attention. That was the first indication we had of a maker by this name.