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Manufacturers Index - Hisey-Wolf Machine Co.

Hisey-Wolf Machine Co.
Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Hisey-Wolf Machine Co., maker of drill presses and bench grinders, was founded in 1901 with $20,000 in capital stock as a reorganizaton of the Hisey Machine Works. It was located at 77 Elm Street in Cincinnati, OH. In patents from the 1920s and 1930s the firm was described as "a partnership consisting of Walter J. Friedlander and Joseph A. Friedlander, both of Cincinnati, Ohio."

In 1949 Hisey-Wolf was acquired by Cincinnati Electrical Tool Co., itself a division of the R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Co. of Cincinnati.

One Hisey-Wolf design is a C-frame sensitive drill press with an unusual speed control. The motor is mounted horizontally behind the vertical quill; a metal disk is mounted on the motor shaft, and another metal disk with a rubber rim is mounted on the quill so that its rim is against the surface of the motor's disk. The disk on the quill can be moved up or down to vary the speed, and if the disk goes past the center point of the motor disk then the quill's rotation reverses.

Information Sources

  • Our thanks to Brad Metcalf for bringing to our attention information about this company and Mr. Walter J. Friedlander.
  • Annual report of the Secretary of State, State of Ohio 1902.


    Walter J. Friedlander, who in July, 1908, became the president of the HiseyWolf Machine Company of Cincinnati, was born in this city, a son of A. J. and Lisette Friedlander. The father's birth occurred in Bavaria, Germany, on the 1st of May, 1830, and in 1848, when a young man of eighteen years, he came to Cincinnati, where he engaged in the business of manufacturing clothing as a partner of the firm of Heidelbach & Friedlander. That connection was continued until his death in 1897.

    Walter J. Friedlander has been a lifelong resident of Cincinnati and in its public schools acquired his education, leaving the high school, however, when sixteen years of age. He then became connected with his father in the clothing business, acting as manager of the establishment until twenty-two years of age, after which he organized The Day & Night Tobacco Company, of which he was president until he sold out to the American Tobacco Company in 1906. However, he still retained the presidency of the Cincinnati plant until 1907. He then bought out the Hisey-Wolf Company, of which he is now the president. They manufacture a general line of portable electric drills and grinders and their output displays the latest improvements in that line. Mr. Friedlander brought to this undertaking strong executive ability and marked enterprise and from the beginning has met with prosperity in its conduct. He now employs eighty men in the factory and does business not only all over the United States but in foreign countries as well, their shipments covering a wide territory, while the volume of their business proves the worth and value of their output.

  • A patent search from 1920 onwards produced eight patents assigned to this firm. The patents related to various types of grinding machines.