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Manufacturers Index - Ettinger Machine Co., Ltd.
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From March 1901 The Wood-Worker

in 1901 this firm was making woodworking cutter-heads.

      The Ettinger Machine Co., Ltd., Chester, Pa... reports shipment of cutter-heads to all parts of the world—New Zealand. England, Sweden, France. the Philippines. Cuba and other countries. The company's home trade is also increasing at a satisfactory rate. Several large furniture and desk factories have recently been fitted with special heads. The company claims that the larger percentage of American hardwood flooring is made with its eight-bit heads. These heads have a. record of 85 feet per minute on Michigan rock maple. All Ettinger heads are sharpened and kept in shape by the Ettinger cutter-head grinder, an indispensable tool for this work. since it allows the bits or cutters to be tempered much harder than where a file is used for sharpening, thus allowing the heads to be run longer without sharpening. The gages or indexes on the grinder preserve the hook and angle of the cutters. so that they never vary, while the tracker attachment brings all the bits to the same line of cut. making them nil do an equal share of the cutting.

Information Sources

  • The Wood-Worker V21, Oct 1902, pg. 43