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Manufacturers Index - K.R. Wilson / KRW
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
1,346,868 Jul. 20, 1920 Arbor-press Kirke R. Wilson Buffalo, NY K. R. Wilson was best known as a maker of specialized tools and fixtures for repairing Ford cars; this patent number was seen on a K. R. W. rear axle pinion gear press. But he was also a maker of presses including an ingenious hydraulic press with mechanical downfeed that combined the convenience of hydraulics with the sensitivity of a mechanical press. During World War II, every U. S. Navy ship with a machine shop reportedly had a K. R. Wilson press.
1,413,550 Apr. 18, 1922 Reaming machine Kirke R. Wilson Buffalo, NY
241,227 Jul. 01, 1924 Improvement in jigs for aligning pistons and connecting rods Kirke R. Wilson Buffalo, NY This is the Canadian version of US patent 1,547,279.
1,531,775 Mar. 31, 1925 Combination machine for cylinder block repairing Kirke R. Wilson Buffalo, NY This machine was standard issue in virtually every garage that repaired Ford cars.
1,547,279 Jul. 28, 1925 Jig for the alignment of pistons and piston connecting rods Kirke R. Wilson Buffalo, NY
2,319,964 May. 25, 1943 Hydraulic press Frank C. Wilson Arcade, NY "This invention relates to improvements in hydraulic presses of the kind wherein a manually operable pump is availed of to develop the fluid pressures utilized in actuating the ram and, although not necessarily so limited, the invention contemplates a press in which the movement of the ram to and away from its work engaging positions and its actuation in light pressing operations are effected by a conventional handwheel."
This patent number was seen on a Model 37 hydraulic press, of 25 ton capacity, from K. R. Wilson of Buffalo. The manufacturing date was January 30, 1946.