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Manufacturers Index - Hanson-Whitney Machine Co.
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Hanson-Whitney was a manufacturer of machine tooling including slotting machines, attachments for metal shapers and planers and thread milling machines. When the business started is unknown, but the company was incorporated in 1919.

Later, Hanson-Whitney appears to have changed its manufacturing focus to taps, gauges and other shop tools, mostly out of the scope of this web site.

Information Sources:
  • Article in the Sept. 15, 1919 edition of The Commercial Car Journal states:
    Hanson-Whitey Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Conn, has been organized with a capital stock of $100,000. The concern will engage in general machine production. The board of directors consists of C. E. Whitney, head of the Whitney Manufacturing Company., Hartford, Conn., B. M. W. Hanson, formally works manager of the Colts Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co., and F. W. Young. -
  • Articles in Machinery magazine from 1921 feature several items made by this company including a Semi-Automatic Universal Thread Milling Machine and an Oil Grooving Attachment for metal planers.
  • The April 13, 1922 edition of American Machinist states:
    The Cleveland office of William K. Stamets has been moved to 974 and 976 Kirby Bldg. George D. Miller is manager of the Cleveland office. The Stamets organization recently concluded agency agreements with a group of Hartford manufacturers, including Billing & Spencer Co., Hanson-Whitney Machine Co., Hartford Tap and Gauge Co., Taylor & Fenn Col,n and the Whitney Manufacturing Co.