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Manufacturers Index - William Woodworth
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
X5,315 Dec. 27, 1828 Machine for planing and tonguing boards William Woodworth Hudson, NY The Woodworth planer patent, in its various reissues and extensions (Patent 5,315X, patent 71, patent 80; extended until 1856), is probably the most historically significant patent for woodworking machinery. The drawing for this patent was provided in 1841, about the time that the owners were seeking to renew the original patent.
A notation on the patent drawing says, "On this second day of October 1841, officially appeared before me, Richard Orann of Boston... and made solemn oath that he is interested as an assignee for a Planing Machine for which letters patent of the United States were granted to William Woodworth on the 27th day of December, 1828, and that the accompanying drawings are, as he verily believes, a true delineation of the invention described in the said letters patent." It is widely alleged that the new patent drawing actually incorporated important features not present in the original drawing or specification, and this allowed the Woodworth syndicate to claim ownership of ideas that came later from others.
William Woodworth was a house carpenter, and this machine was invented to produce flooring stock of consistent dimension. Not only did this save time in preparing the flooring stock, it was a big time-saver for the carpenter because far less "fitting" was required during installation.
Apparently a half share of the patent was assigned to one James Strong, a neighbor of Woodworth's who provided some financial assistance in attaining the patent.
80 Nov. 15, 1836 Machine for reducing and planing boards for flooring, ceilings, etc. William Woodworth New York, NY The drawing for this patent is missing.
This patent, issued to the holder of the infamous Woodworth planer patent 5,315, gives a series of improvements to that machine. Circular saws form a "reducing cylinder" in combination with the planing machine. The lumber is fed flat, rather than standing on edge. There are powered infeed and outfeed rolls both above and below the lumber. There are, optionally, fixed knives for final smoothing. In the final paragraph of the patent, Woodworth acknowledges prior art by "Shakers".
71 Jul. 08, 1845 Improvement in machines for planing, tonguing, grooving, and dressing boards, etc. William Woodworth New York, NY This reissue includes a hold-down roll (a predecessor to the pressure bar) that was not in the original patent. Woodworth was deceased when this reissued was granted; his son, William W. Woodworth of Hyde Park, NY, was the administrator. See the "Vintage Machinery" web page on William Woodworth for more information.