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Manufacturers Index - Wilton Corp.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
2,430,458 Nov. 11, 1947 Automatic screw control Leo F. Farrell South Haven, MI This patent number was seen on a Wilton 3½" Triple Duty Vise. The patent covers a quick-release mechanism where the threads engage when turned in one direction but release when turned in the other direction.
2,722,870 Nov. 08, 1955 Machine for manufacturing parcel carriers having looped handles Hugh W. Vogl Wilmette, IL Of interest because the inventor designed the famous Wilton bullet style bench vise.
3,171,454 Mar. 02, 1965 Means for adjusting positions of jointer cutters William B. Boice Toledo, OH
3,377,061 Apr. 09, 1968 Adjustably mountable woodworker's vise Jerry J. Watson Lombard, IL
3,492,886 Feb. 03, 1970 Quick acting screw-threaded device Edward M. Naureckas Gurnee, IL
3,669,440 Jun. 13, 1972 Quick engaging and disengaging nut mechanism Ray Gloridso Oak Park, IL
    Quick engaging and disengaging nut mechanism Ray Kartasuk Lincolnwood, IL  
3,675,916 Jul. 11, 1972 Vise assembly Walter Smierciak Elgin, IL
    Vise assembly Raymond H. Kartasuk Lincolnwood, IL  
3,768,797 Oct. 30, 1973 Vise assembly Walter Smierciak Elgin, IL
    Vise assembly Raymond H. Kartasuk Lincolnwood, IL  
4,534,547 Aug. 13, 1985 Rapid Acting Clamp Edward A. Cox Olympia Fields, IL Trexler, Bushnell & Wolters - patent attorneys

A rapid acting C-clamp is provided. A housing in the base of the C-clamp has a generally semi-cylindrical wall and an internal arcuate rib therein. The C-clamp has a threaded spindle extending through the housing, and a nut member in the housing is provided with a threadless bore through which the spindle extends for rapid advancement. The nut member also has a partially offset and partially threaded bore which is selectively engageable with the threaded spindle for threaded advancement of the spindle. The external surface of the nut is comprised of two semi-cylindrical portions overlapping so as to provide definite lines of demarcation between the portions. A friction member in the nut is resiliently pressed against the threads of the spindle to cause the nut to turn with the spindle in either direction. The nut cooperates with the arcuate rib, and depending on the direction of turning shifts the nut to cause the non-threaded bore to cooperate with the spindle for rapid advancement of the spindle, or to cause the partially threaded bore to cooperate with the threads of the spindle for threaded advancement of the spindle. The nut comprises a steel investment casting, while the frame of the C-clamp is forged steel, and the threaded spindle is copper coated for lubrication without the necessity of petroleum base lubricants.

6,135,435 Oct. 24, 2000 Woodworker's Vise Ambrose Schmitz Lake Barrington, IL Wilton's quick release woodworkers vise.