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Manufacturers Index - Wilton Corp.
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This company has been in business since 1941, though they did not get involved in woodworking machinery until 1964. The original company name is uncertain. By 1951 it was Wilton Tool Manufacturing Co., Inc.; that name lasted until at least 1965. By 2000 it was Wilton Tool Co. LLC. The Wilton Corp. name was in use by 1984, and it seems to have supplanted the "Wilton Tool Co. LLC" name by 2003 or so. It's all a bit confusing.

Wilton purchased the rights to some Boice-Crane products, but they have apparently ceased manufacture of all (except the Wilton-designed model 3000/2900 tilting-arbor saw) and threw out the patterns. Drill presses and sanders appear in their current catalog, but they are believed to be of offshore manufacture.

In early 2002, Wilton Corp. and the well-known importer Jet merged operations. Both are owned by WMH—Walter Meier Holding Co. This holding company owns Wilton, Jet, Powermatic, and Performax.

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