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Manufacturers Index - Wilton Corp.

Wilton Corp.
Chicago, IL; Schiller Park, IL; Palatine, IL, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.wiltoncorp.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Vise Cross Section, 1942

This vise manufacturer has been in business since 1941, though they did not get involved in woodworking machinery until 1964. The original company name was Wilton Tool Corp., at 936 Wrightwood Ave., Chicago. By 1951 it was Wilton Tool Manufacturing Co., Inc.; that name lasted until the end of 1963. Beginning in mid-January 1964, want ads used Wilton Tool a Division of Wilton Corp., which soon became Wilton Tool Division, Wilton Corp. By 2000 it was Wilton Tool Co. LLC. The Wilton Corp. name seems to have supplanted the "Wilton Tool Co. LLC" name by 2003 or so. It's all a bit confusing.

Wilton purchased the rights to some Boice-Crane products, but they have apparently ceased manufacture of all (except the Wilton-designed model 3000/2900 tilting-arbor saw) and threw out the patterns. Drill presses and sanders appear in their current catalog, but they are believed to be of offshore manufacture.

In early 2002, Wilton Corp. and the well-known importer Jet merged operations. Both were owned by WMH—Walter Meier Holding Co. until 2014, when Tenex Capital Management acquired Walter Meier's machinery and tool brands and changed the company name to JPW Industries. This holding company owns Wilton, Jet, Powermatic, and Performax.

Wilton issued catalogs irregularly and some were undated, like many other manufacturers. The list below is known catalogs and dates issued, sourced from Google Books snippet views, Worthopedia, eBay, and scanned copies on the internet. Any corrections or additions are welcome.

Wilton Catalog Numbers & Dates
101E	Spr. 1950 general line
109	1952	  general line
108-W	1953	  general line
110	1953-54	  general line
110-B	1954	  general line
112	1956	  general line
691	1956-58	  drill press and machine vises
114	1958	  general line
116	1961	  general line
732	1961	  offset woodworking vise 
786	?	  PoweRarm work positioners
117	1963	  general line
Company name change in Jan. 1964		
790	1964	  hydraulic clamping tool 
49	1967	  price list
128	1975	  general line
130	?	  general line
131	1972-73	  general line
Stylized "W" trademark filed 3/27/74, approved 1976		
132	1974	  general line
?	1983	  general line
133	Sep. 1988 general line
138	1997-98	  general line
787	?	  vise brochure

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