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Manufacturers Index - John A. White Co.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
136,979 Mar. 18, 1873 Improvement in circular-saw benches Benjamin F. Dunklee Concord, NH A double-arbor tablesaw where the two saws can be raised either together or separately.
151,217 May. 26, 1874 Improvement in band sawing machines Edward F. Gordon Concord, NH The invention is an improved mounting of the journal box for the upper wheel; the mounting provides a larger bearing surface.
An example of this bandsaw had two labels cast into it: one with "D. C. Allen & Co., Concord, N.H.", and the other with "Granite State" and the patent date. Granite State is a model name that was also used by Dunklee & Allen, Concord Machine Works, and John A. White Co., all for bandsaws of the Gordon design, with evolutionary improvements.
221,804 Nov. 18, 1879 Improvement in gages for circular sawing machines Edward F. Gordon Concord, NH
221,805 Nov. 18, 1879 Improvement in adjustments of planing-machine tables Edward F. Gordon Concord, NH This is a simple and ingenious mechanism for adjusting a jointer infeed table. The underside of the table has four "bearing plates" that support the table. These four plates are identical and have a convex (circular) underside. Each of those convex surfaces rests on a cylindrical rod fixed to the jointer base. The table is adjusted by a screw that moves the table horizontally toward or away from the cutterhead. As the table moves away from the cutterhead it also lowers because of the shapes of the bearing plates and their cylindrical supports.
227,517 May. 11, 1880 Steam-radiator Edward F. Gordon Concord, NH Inventor and assignee were co-owners of Hobbs, Gordon & Co. Gordon was an important woodworking machinery inventor who worked for a series of companies, including the John A. White Co.
249,337 Nov. 08, 1881 Feeding device for wood-planing machines Edward F. Gordon Concord, NH
291,645 Jan. 08, 1884 Crank adjustment mechanism for balance-wheels James B. Thurston Concord, NH
350,872 Oct. 12, 1886 Tenoning-machine Abe L. Cushman Concord, NH