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Manufacturers Index - Todd & Rafferty

Todd & Rafferty
Paterson, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Todd & Mackay was founded in 1817 to manufacture machinery for making flax, hemp, and silk machinery. In 1844 the partnership reportedly changed to Todd & Rafferty, although we have seen the "Todd & Mackay" name in an ad from January 1849. They also operated variously as Todd & Rafferty Machine Co., and the Todd & Rafferty Machine Works. In 1870 the partners were Joseph C. Todd and Philip Rafferty. They manufactured machine tools (epecially lathes), sawmills and woodworking machinery, although these were, at best, minor sidelines to their steam engines, portable steam engines (ca. 1860s), and flax and hemp machinery. By 1877 Todd was operating on his own. He was granted a patent as late as 1895 (related to fiber-spinning machinery) so it appears that he remained in business for quite a few years.

From Talbott & Blood's 1866 "New Jersey State Business Directory"

Information Sources

  • 1849-01-04 Farmer and Mechanic.
    TODD & MACKAY, Machinists, Paterson, N. J.—Manufacturers of Help and Flax Machinery, viz: Pickers, Lappers, Drawing Frames, Spinning Jennies, &c. Lathes of every description. Slide Rests, &c., Oakum Machinery, and all kinds of Cotton Machinery made to order. Also patterns of every variety. Repairing done at the shortest notice.
  • The 1855-11-05 issue of Scientific American has an article on the industry of Paterson, including the following paragraph on Todd & Rafferty:
    The manufacture of flax, hemp, silk, and other machinery, was commenced by Todd & Mackay (now Todd & Rafferty) in 1817. Four years afterwards they purchased the Holseman Mill (since enlarged to double its former size), and put up a new foundry. Nearly all the rope machinery in time United States and Canada has been made by this firm, together with heavy orders filled for Great Britain and Russia. The proprietors lately "bearded the lion in his den" by dispatching a considerable quantity to London that had been ordered from their works. Two years ago they added to their business that of building stationary engines, furnished with Uhry & Luttgin’s cut-offi These have already been sent to all parts of the country, as well as to Cuba, Mexico and South America. The whole number of hands now employed by them is 135.
  • The 1859-11-21 issue of Scientific American mentions that Todd & Rafferty won a gold medal at the Fair of the American Institute, for their stationary steam engine.
  • The 1860-06-02 issue of Scientific American has a brief front-page article mentioning that Mr. Todd, of Todd & Rafferty, had recently been granted a British patent for a hemp-spinning machine, and was sailing to England to complete the sale of machinery in London.
  • From ad in 1866 Scientific American. "MACHINERY.—WE ARE MANUFACTURING AND have constantly on hand Portable and Stationary Steam Engines, Machinists’ Tools - of all kinds, also Saw-mills and Wood-working Machinery, etc., at Paterson, N. J. Office and warehouse No.4 Dey st., New York. [14 4] TODD & RAFFERTY."
  • From ad in 1868 and 1869 Scientific American. "TODD & RAFFERTY, Manufacturers and DEALERS IN MACHINERY. Works, Paterson, N.J.; Warerooms, Dey st., N.Y., Boilers, Steam Pumps, Machinists’ Tools. Also, Flax, Hemp, Rope & 0akum Machinery; Snow’s & Judson’s Governors; Wright’s Patent Variable Cut-off & other Engines."
  • From the 1870-01-01 issue of Scientific American, Vol. 22 No. 1:
    TODD & RAFFERTY, Manufacturers and DEALERS IN MACHINERY. Works, Paterson, N. J.; Warerooms, 10 Barclay St., N. Y Boilers, Steam Pumps, Machinists' Tools. Also, Flax, Hemp, Rope, and Oakum Machinery, Snow's and Judson's Governors, Wright's pat. Variable Cut-off & other engines.
  • The 1870 edition of Boyd's business directory of over one hundred cities and villages in New York state lists Philip Rafferty and J. C. Todd as partners in Todd & Rafferty, with their New York city offices at 4 Dey St. A competing publication of that same year, The New York state business directory and gazetteer, lists them at 10 Barclay St. The Dey St. address was their showroom and the Barclay St. address was their wareroom.
  • The October 1873 issue of cite>Manufacturer & Builder has an illustrated front-page article on Todd & Rafferty Machine Co.'s elegant-looking portable steam engine. Their New York "warerooms" were at 10 Barclay St. "They are kept on hand from 6 to 30 horse-power, or may be built on short notice; while the manufacturers make also portable steam-pumps, sugar-mills, mill gearing, shafting, iron and brass castings, all kinds of machinery for the manufacture or mnnipulation of silk, flax, hemp, jute, oakum, rope, etc., not to forget the most excellent lathes and planing machines."
  • The 1874 work, Wiley's American iron trade manual of the leading iron industries of the United States, lists Todd & Rafferty Machine Co. at Paterson, N. J., and 10 Barclay st. in New York City. "Steam engines with patent cut-off, both portable and stationary. Flax, hemp, and general machinery."
  • The Cyclopedia of American Biography reports that in 1875-76, inventor John Philip Holland built his first submarine in the shop of Todd & Rafferty.
  • From the 1877-02-24 issue of Scientific American, Vol. 36 No. 8:
    TODD ESTABLISHED 1844. JOSEPH C. TODD, (Formerly of Todd & Rafferty), ENGINEER and MACHINIST. Flax, Hemp, Jute, Rope, Oakum, and Bagging Machinery, Steam Engines, Boilers, etc. Also Agent for the celebrated and improved Rawson & Rittinger Hoisting Engine, I will furnish specifications and estimates for all kinds of machinery. Send for descriptive circular and price. Address
    J.C. TODD,
    10 Barclay St., New York, or Paterson, N.J.
  • The September 1877 issue of Manufacturer & Builder has an illustrated article on Todd & Rafferty's reversible hoisting engine. "The same company, whose manufactory is at Paterson, N. J., makes also plain slide-valve stationary and portable engines, tubular and flue boilers, shafting, steam pumps, millwright work, saw-mills, lathes, drillin and machinists’ tools of .all kinds, as well as wood-working machinery."
  • From an online listing of advertising cards: "Joseph C. Todd, manufacturer of jute binder twine, and all the usual weights of jute bagging ... (successor to Todd & Rafferty, established 1844) engineer, machinist & founder ... 36 Dey Street, New York".
  • An 1880 court case involving this company went to the U. S. Supreme Court. WARD v. TODD, 103 U.S. 327 (1880)
  • American Steam Engine Builders: 1800-1900 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2006 page 241
  • Steam Power on the American Farm by Reynold M. Wik, 1953 page 254