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Manufacturers Index - Marcus B. Tidey
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
11,235 Jul. 04, 1854 Beveling plane M. B. Tidey Dundee, NY The very famous Tidey patent beveling plane. This plane has reached dizzying heights of collectibility with its combination of rarity, aesthetically pleasing design, gizmocity, and sheer impracticality. The few planes made exhibit fine workmanship. Mr. Tidey went on to become an important early maker of tablesaws.
    Beveling plane H. W. Pierce Dundee, NY  
    Beveling plane G. W. Rogers Dundee, NY  
    Beveling plane M. J. Wheeler Dundee, NY  
16,648 Feb. 17, 1857 Gearing for wagons Edgar Huson Ithaca, NY This patent is of interest because M. B. Tidey was a witness.
16,812 Mar. 10, 1857 Table gauge for circular sawing machines M. B. Tidey Ithaca, NY Invention is a tablesaw rip fence. Tidey was one of the earlier commercially successful tablesaw makers.
16,889 Mar. 24, 1857 Carpenter's plane M. B. Tidey Ithaca, NY Invention is to use a metallic throat liner that holds the iron and creates the mouth of the plane. The objectives are to simplify manufacturing, make the plane more durable, and keep the mouth size uniform.
705,483 Jul. 22, 1902 Machine for grooving assembled stock Marcus B. Tidey Belleville, NJ Inventor was deceased, but was alive at the time of application; executors were Sarah E. Tidey and Lillie V. Tidey.
This machine is incredibly complex for what it does. The man who invented the Tidey Patent Beveling Plane (patent 11,235) went on to further greatness.