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Manufacturers Index - E. C. Tainter
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From ad in 1868 SA. Ad reads, "Best planers and wood tools as formerly, by E. C. Tainter, successor to J. A. Fay & Co." It seems plausible that E. C. Tainter, the manager of J. A. Fay & Co.'s Worcester operations, took them over when the J. A. Fay & Co. partnership was dissolved in 1861; the J. A. Fay name and most of the operations were bought by a group of their agents, but the Worcester operations were not part of that deal. In 1869, E. C. Tainter - formerly the head of J. A. Fay & Co.'s Worcester, MA operations, and who operated under his own name in Worcester - joined the firm of Power & Davis, with the resulting firm being named Power, Davis & Tainter.