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Manufacturers Index - Wardwell Manufacturing Co.
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Wardwell Manufacturing Co. made band saw filers, saw grinders, saw setters, and other machinery. Initially it was a partnership between Frank Wellington Wardwell, Jr. (1878-1954) and Hugh B. Foley, inventor of the Foley saw filer. Foley-Wardwell Manufacturing Co. incorporated in 1912 in Cleveland. Despite their similar interests, the partners separated about 2 years later, and the company changed names to Wardwell Manufacturing Co. In 1956 they were located at 3812 Ridge Rd., Cleveland, OH. As of 2019, the Wardwell Automatic Circular Saw Grinder Model 57T is sold at Leland-Gifford Products in Akron, OH.

Frank Wardwell had at least 9 US patents. A 1915 article in The Iron Trade Review, Vol. 56, pg. 666 described Wardwell's metal-cutting band saw sharpener, a much more sophisticated machine than Foley's saw filer at the time. Wardwell's great-uncle George J. Wardwell was also a machinery inventor, for shoe-making and stone quarrying. Another great-uncle and George's brother was inventor Charles P. S. Wardwell.

An ad in a 1920 issue of The Wood-Worker shows Wardwell's bandsaw-filing machine, and also mentions a circular-saw filing machine. There is no suggestion that they made woodworking machinery at that time. The company is listed in 1955-56 HWWDD as the maker of a fluting machine.

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