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Manufacturers Index - Stow Manufacturing Co.

Stow Manufacturing Co.
Binghamton, NY, U.S.A.
Company Website: https://www.elliottmfg.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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The company was established in 1875 and named for inventor Nelson Stow. The name Stow Manufacturing Co. was registered with the State of New York on 22 April 1895. In 1993, the company was acquired by the Elliott Manufacturing Co.

The early machines were powered by hand or foot, requiring two operators. They were for tasks as diverse as clipping or shearing livestock, and dental drilling. These were followed by industrial uses powered by line shafts or electric motors, including drilling metal and wood, tapping, reaming, and grinding.

A number of the patents assigned to the company were from a family of inventors. They included Clarence F. Hotchkiss (1859-1928), who became company president, his brother William E. Hotchkiss, and his son Clarence F. Hotchkiss, Jr. Their distant cousins Benjamin B. and Andrew Hotchkiss, brothers, were also noted inventors in the armaments industry.

The company's address in 1949 was 41 Shear St., Binghamton.

Nelson Stow started a competing company that also bore his name, Stow Flexible Shaft Co., Ltd. of Philadelphia, PA. Various articles about him make clear that he was a better inventor than businessman.

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