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Manufacturers Index - George N. Stearns & Co. (E. C. Stearns & Co.)

George N. Stearns & Co. (E. C. Stearns & Co.)
Syracuse, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
14,416 Mar. 11, 1856 Boring and mortising machine George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY In 1864, this inventor founded George N. Stearns & Co., later known as Edward C. Stearns & Co.; E. C. was George's son, and the company name was changed in 1877.
39,841 Sep. 08, 1863 Improvement in Hollow Augers George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY
40,437 Oct. 27, 1863 Spoke Shave Melzer Tuell Penn Yan, NY
84,605 Dec. 01, 1868 Improvement in Wrenches William Baxter Newark, NJ Adjustable S-Wrench consisting of two pieces mortised into each other, and connected with a left- and right-hand screw with a central knurl. With a graduated scale stamped on the side, the design could also function as an outside calipers.
Corresponding British patent 186803985 (i.e. 3,985 of 1868) was granted Dec. 31, 1868.
Improvements to the tenons were addressed in Baxter's July 17, 1883 patent (no. 281,432).
99,120 Jan. 25, 1870 Improvements in horse hay-forks George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY This prolific inventor also patented and manufactured various spokeshaves, augers, and wheelwrights' machines.
110,168 Dec. 13, 1870 Improvement in spoke-shaves George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY "One object of my invention is in adjusting both sides of the gauge from the arms at the same time, thereby presenting a true and even cut the entire length of the knife."
130,826 Aug. 27, 1872 Improvement in hollow augers George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY "The nature of my invention relates to the construction and method of operating the hollow auger, embracing the use of a conical nut in operating the two parts of the stock or barrel, the construction of the cutter, and the means of holding it in the mortise."
RE7,484 Jan. 30, 1877 Improvement in Hollow Augers George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY
191,817 Jun. 12, 1877 Improvement in Hollow Auger George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY This is a completely new design for hollow augers, which is designed for cutting tapered tenons. As the wheel is turned, the taper increases.
Known examples are marked with the patent date, but no manufacturer name. My guess is it was produced by E.C. Stearns.
201,064 Mar. 05, 1878 Improvement in Hollow Augers George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY A pivoting cap is used to secure the cutter (beveled on both sides).

"In my patent 130,826, for 'improvement in hollow augers,' the barrel is made in two sections, to one of which, A, there is a strap, M affixed, having a slot in it, through which a set-screw passes into section B, to hold the jaws together. I now find that a single strap, as therein described, is insufficient, allowing the parts to spring. I have therefore improved this part of my original invention, as shown in the annexed drawings, in which I have applied a second strap..."
203,384 May. 07, 1878 Improvement in hollow augers George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY "This invention relates to the class of tools termed 'adjustable,' and is designed for cutting tenons of different sizes and lengths, and to obviate the necessity of using a separate auger for each sized tenon."
210,140 Nov. 19, 1878 Improvement in bench-dogs Charles Morrill New York, NY
214,071 Apr. 08, 1879 Improvement in Clamping Devices for Filing Saws William P. Wentworth Seneca Falls, NY Patent is for the lever and cam arrangement as well as the cushioning secured to the lower edge of the jaw.
Seneca Falls marketed 3 models (pic 2), models 1 & 2 with a screw mounting feature and model 3 which used a screw clamp.
220,442 Oct. 07, 1879 Improvement in spoke-pointers Edward C. Stearns Syracuse, NY Reported examples are unlabeled but there seems very likely they were made by E. C. Stearns & Co.
225,496 Mar. 16, 1880 Hollow Auger Edward C. Stearns Syracuse, NY Stock is made of one piece with two arms extended from the shank and the cutter jaw and gage jaw clamped onto the ends of the arms. Adjustable depth gage attached to one of the arms.
288,376 Nov. 13, 1883 Saw-clamp George N. Stearns Syracuse, NY The inventor was deceased by the time the patent was issued.
339,020 Mar. 30, 1886 Saw Vise Obadiah Seely Syracuse, NY One of these appeared in a Martin J. Donnelley auction.
404,367 May. 28, 1889 Drill Press Edward C. Stearns Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
631,664 Aug. 22, 1899 Saw Vise William M. Potter Syracuse, NY Stationary jaw combined with a lever that moves the second jaw.
Production models use either a surface mounting arrangement (shown) or a turnscrew clamp. Known examples are marked with the patent date and manufacturer.
646,262 Mar. 27, 1900 Wood Plane Herbert M. Coe Phoenix, Arizona Territory Flexible sole spoke shave to allow its use on both flat, convex, and concave surfaces using a curved bar and set screw.
738,354 Sep. 08, 1903 Saw Jointer William M. Potter Syracuse, NY Improved construction with simplified use, reduction of pieces and cheaper to make. Consists of a frame, integral lugs to engage the file, and a screw and nut to secure the file in two possible positions.
Examples are found marked with this patent and Cotter's patent 988,290.
740,692 Oct. 06, 1903 Auger William M. Potter Syracuse, NY
778,605 Dec. 27, 1904 Saw-Vise Support William M. Potter Syracuse, NY The focus of this patent is the semi-spherical boss and corresponding cup which allows the saw-vise to be adjusted and tightened in any desirable position. Part of the purpose of this particular arrangement is to minimise vibrations by keeping the support as close to the jaws as feasible.
867,926 Oct. 08, 1907 Saw filing device William M. Potter Syracuse, NY This patent is for the notched rib indexing mechanism on the filing attachment that makes it possible to reset it to a predetermined pitch.
898,780 Sep. 15, 1908 Saw-Set William M. Potter Syracuse, NY
968,686 Aug. 30, 1910 Saw-Set William M. Potter Syracuse, NY
988,290 Mar. 28, 1911 Saw Tool John Samuel Cotter Sabula, IA Saw sharpening gage with adjustable filing guide to accomodate filing both fine and coarse cleaning teeth shorter than the cutting teeth.
This patent is also found combined with Potter's patent, 738,354.
1,489,539 Apr. 08, 1924 Saw Set Adolph Miller Kirkwood, MO The unique feature of this saw set is that the triangle shaped end of the plunger can be rotated to correspond with the orientation of the saw teeth according to which side of the saw the set is being operated from. The slotted cover can be lifted to allow a small lever to rotate the plunger, which is then captured in the appropriate slot when the cover is closed.