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Manufacturers Index - Shopmaster, Inc.
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Starting in 1949 or earlier, this firm made home-shop woodworking machines. They survived until at least the mid-1970s. Don't confuse this company with others of the same name, including one that makes a home-shop milling machine.

The president of Shopmaster was Dorr D. Beale, who is listed as co-inventor on the one patent assigned to Shopmaster. According to Beale's 2005 obituary, Beale "became the President and ran the company until its merger and later sale in the 1950s." A 1974 trademark filing is to Shopmaster, Inc., of Minneapolis.

Beale's obituary also claimed that at one time, Shopmaster was "the 5th biggest seller of power tools in the nation". It also notes that in the 1970s he created a new line of home-shop woodworking machines, Du-er Tools.

Information Sources

  • Address (from RK-685 drill press router kit box): 1214 South Third St, Minneapolis 15, MN.
  • 1949 ad.
  • An ad in Popular Mechanics shows the introduction of the J20 jig/scroll saw in late 1953.
  • Article in 1954 Popular Mechanics.
  • Ad in 1955-56 Hitchcock's Wood Workers Digest Directory; no mention in the 1964 issue.
  • The trademark filing indicates a first use of 1955-07-01. This date applies to the logo rather than the Shopmaster name itself.