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Manufacturers Index - Seymour & Whitlock

Seymour & Whitlock
Newark, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
21,194 Aug. 17, 1858 Machine for cutting miters Stephen W. Hall Williamsport, PA This important patent was granted an extension. Many examples of this miter chopper have been reported, and from a variety of makers. S. W. Hall made it for many years, and the design was apparently licensed to Ransom Crosby of Newark, and then Hawkins & Dodge, also of Newark. Eventually the rights went to Seymour & Whitlock of Newark, who arranged for the patent to be extended. H. C. Marsh also made this design (whether this was after Seymour & Whitlock or at the same time, I don't know) and then Stanley Rule & Level bought out Marsh. This trimmer design was then sold as the Stanley No. 210.
"I do not claim as my invention the use of the knives A, A, adjusted at right angles and attached to the sliding rest B, since the same arrangement substantially is shown in the combination patented by George Le Baw June 27th, 1854 (patent 11,164), but what I do claim as new and of my own invention is— 1. The use in miter machines of the flanges G, G, and the groove x in the frame E, E for the purpose of guiding and sustaining the outer and inner edges of the knives A A, and preventing them from springing substantially as herein set forth. 2. I claim the combination together of the flanges G, G, and frame E, E, with the groove x, and sliding rest B, substantially in the manner and for the purpose herein set forth."
26,417 Dec. 13, 1859 Machine for wiring blind-rods Thomas R. Crosby Newark, NJ This machine was illustrated in an 1890 Rowley & Hermance catalog, labeled as the "Crosby Blind Wirer". The drawing has the manufacturer name on the wirer crudely scratched out but it is definitely "Seymour & Whitlock / Newark, N. J."
54,222 Apr. 24, 1866 Machine for tenoning blind-slats James M. Seymour Newark, NJ
58,183 Sep. 18, 1866 Machine for cutting the corners of paper in the manufacture of boxes Daniel Whitlock Newark, NJ
74,724 Feb. 18, 1868 Improvement in spacing and boring-machines James M. Seymour Newark, NJ
79,783 Jul. 07, 1868 Improvement in mitering-machines James M. Seymour Newark, NJ Improvement is a support for rabbeted pieces.
90,789 Jun. 01, 1869 Improvement in machine for wiring blind-slats Daniel Whitlock Newark, NJ
    Improvement in machine for wiring blind-slats James M. Seymour Newark, NJ  
112,502 Mar. 07, 1871 Improvement in dovetailing-machines James M. Seymour Newark, NJ
123,137 Jan. 30, 1872 Improvement in dovetailing-machines Daniel Whitlock Newark, NJ
128,002 Jun. 18, 1872 Improvement in journal-boxes Daniel Whitlock Newark, NJ The inventor and one of the witnesses were the principals of woodworking machinery maker Seymour & Whitlock.
130,459 Aug. 13, 1872 Improvement in tenoning-machines Daniel Whitlock Newark, NJ
148,855 Mar. 24, 1874 Improvement in dovetailing-machines James M. Seymour Newark, NJ
154,809 Sep. 08, 1874 Improvement in machines for boring blind-stiles James M. Seymour Newark, NJ
154,808 Sep. 08, 1874 Improvement in attaching and adjusting wabbling-saws on their arbors James M. Seymour Newark, NJ