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Manufacturers Index - Salstrom Carving Machine Co.

Salstrom Carving Machine Co.
Chicago, IL; Oregon, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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This maker of wood-carving machines was in operation from about the 1920s. They are still in business, and although they no longer manufacture new carving machines, they rebuild old machines. They moved from Chicago to Oregon, IL, in 1985.

In 1888, as a 16-year-old, David B. Salstrom was chosen to demonstrate a carver for the Seaman Corp. of Kenosha, WI.

In 1910, Salstrom designed and patented a carving machine, and became partners with Emanuel Kopriwa. Over the next forty years he continued to make improvements to his design, receiving at least a dozen patents in that time. The early patents were partly assigned to Emanual Kopriwa; a 1919 patent was assigned to E. Kopruva Co. [sic] of Chicago. By 1927 the Salstrom Carving Machine Co. was in business making Salstrom's carving machines, and all subsequent patents were assigned to that company.

David B. Salstrom's son, David N. Salstrom, was active in the company by the 1940s, and took it over after his father's death. David N.'s nephew, Philip Salstrom, bought the company upon David N.'s passing, and moved the company to Oregon, IL, where he already had a company called Rock Wood Carvers. Philip Salstrom, Jr. is now the owner, and he continues to provide support for the Salstrom carving machines.

Information Sources

  • The earliest dated reference to this company that we have seen is on a patent granted to David B. Salstrom in 1927 and assigned to Salstrom Carving Machine Co.
  • Mary Salstrom provided information on the family relationships and much of the other history that cannot be gleaned from the patent records.
  • Listing and ad in 1955-56 Hitchcock's Wood Workers Digest Directory for used 18-spindle carver.
  • We have found several patents assigned to this company; all were granted to David B. Salstrom and/or David N. Salstrom. The first patent found (so far) is from 1910 and the last is from 1954.
  • A correspondent reports that he worked for them when they made the propellors for Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.
  • 411.com has the following information on Salstrom Carving Machine Co.:
    Salstrom Carving Machine Co & Rockwood Carvers
    Box 301
    3136 North River Road
    Oregon, IL 61061-9465
    Phone: (815) 732-2105
    Business Types: Wood Carving & Turning Manufacturers