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Manufacturers Index - Rodgers Production Machinery

Rodgers Production Machinery
Huntington Park, CA; Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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This maker was variously known as

  • Rodgers Production Machinery
  • Rodgers Machinery Manufacturing Co.
  • R. B. Rodgers Machinery Manufacturing Co.
  • R. B. Rodgers Manufacturing Co.
  • R. B. Rodgers Co.

In one form or another Rodgers was in business from the at least the late 1920s through 1964.

Rodgers made a fair variety of machines, with an emphasis on sanders. We have several reports of custom machines from this maker. Their designs show real ingenuity.

Information Sources

  • We have reports of machines labeled, Rodgers Machinery Manufacturing Co., Rodgers Production Machinery, R. B. Rodgers Machinery Manufacturing Co., and R. B. Rodgers Co. Machines with the first two names were marked Huntington Park, and those with the last three names were marked Los Angeles. A couple of machines that were custom-made by Rodgers did not have any markings at all.
  • A horizontal borer labeled Rodgers Production Machinery has the address 2600 Santa Fe, Los Angeles.
  • The company shut down its manufacturing plant when the U.S. joined World War II.
  • A correspondent reports that Mr. R. B. Rodgers built a horizontal borer for the correspondent's father in 1949; this was one of probably only three such machines. Another correspondent reports, "Rodgers apparently had considerable custom machine design capability, and I saw a large volume of their machinery, some of considerable size and ingenuity."
  • We failed to find any patents granted or assigned to R. B. Rodgers
  • John Orvis passed along the results of some research done by Reference Services at the County of Los Angeles Public Library including the following:
    Corp NumberDateFiled StatusCorporation Name
    C04681304/1/1964suspendedRODGERS MACHINERY MFG. CO., INC.
    C050022611/18/1965dissolvedRODGERS MACHINERY SALES CORP.
  • Thanks to correspondent Faith Thompson for providing the patent number on a power hacksaw from R. B. Rodgers Manufacturing Co. The patent is dated 1939, which provides a tentative data point for the use of that version of the Rodgers name. The power hacksaw does not appear on our 1955 price list, so it is likely that the hacksaw dates from 1940 through 1954.