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Manufacturers Index - Red Star Products, Inc.

Red Star Products, Inc.
Norwalk, OH; Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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Red Star Products was established in 1936 and quickly introduced the Multiplex line of turret-arm radial arm saws. Located, for most of their time in business, at 3455 Vega Avenue in Cleveland, they were the first serious threat to the dominant radial arm saw maker, DeWalt Products Co. By 1948 they were located at 55 North Garfield Street in Norwalk, Ohio.

Red Star Products was acquired by Rockwell Manufacturing Co. in 1948. Rockwell merged Red Star's product line into the Delta lineup. For several years the saws were substantially unchanged from when Rockwell acquired Red Star. For over sixty years and until the cessation of their American ownership and manufacture, Delta continued to make turret-arm radial arm saws that were direct descendants of the original Red Star lineup.

Information Sources

  • A Delta-Rockwell radial arm saw has been reported, labeled, "Manufactured for Delta Multiplex by A. O. Smith Corp." We have a report of a similar label on the motor of a Multiplex radial arm saw. Since A. O. Smith was (and is) a motor manufacturer, we assume that only the motor was made by them.
  • This business name was registered with the State of Ohio on 10 August 1936 and de-registered on 20 April 1950.
  • From the nameplate on a 1946 radial arm saw, the company address was 3455 Vega Avenue, Cleveland 13, Ohio.
  • We got the company addresses from an owwm.org forum discussion about Red Star.