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Manufacturers Index - Pryor
Last Modified: May 2 2015 11:16AM by Jeff_Joslin
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Pryor made 6" and 8" jointers out of plate steel all basically the same design, but with tables ranging up to unusually long lengths. Some of the fences are also of unusual length. The build quality is crude. These jointers are similar in basic layout to the Davis and Wells (from Los Angeles) that were made out of (crudely) welded sheet steel instead of cast iron.

An owwm.org forum discussion on Pryor jointers provided some of the information given here.

Information Sources

  • The 1945 work Western Shipbuilders in World War II, by Marshall Maslin, has the following snippet of text in an ad.
    E. E. PRYOR, Jr. Pryor Special Machine Shop LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA We are a 100 per cent war effort machine shop and have been producing at full capacity and have met all promise dates. We have been doing sub-contract work and in ...