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Manufacturers Index - Northfield Foundry & Machine Co.
Last Modified: Apr 9 2019 9:03PM by Jeff_Joslin
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Northfield has been in business since 1920. They are one of the very few remaining makers of non-computerized, industrial-grade heavy iron. For example, their 8" jointer weighs 1150 lbs; their tablesaw weighs 1780 lbs.

Northfield's "Uni-Point" radial arm saw was formerly marketed under the "Monarch Uni-Point" brand name by American Saw Mill Machinery Co. Northfield bought the production rights and tooling, and resumed its production in 1963.

If you are looking for information on a Northfield machine, check out the Northfield web site. There is information on parts availability for older machines, and you can register your machine. When you have registered your machine Northfield can provide information on its history, including its date of manufacture.

Information on Northfield serial numbers is available in the wiki. One note related to dating Northfield machines: in 1967 Northfield changed pain colors from gray to green.

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