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Manufacturers Index - Moak Machine & Foundry Co.

Moak Machine & Foundry Co.
Kimball, MI; Port Huron, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
2,421,461 Jun. 03, 1947 Multiple spindle mechanism Eugene H. Moak Port Huron, MI
2,810,408 Oct. 22, 1957 Adjustable mounting and drive mechanism for table saws Lewis S. Stump Toledo, OH This patent provides a single control for adjusting both the tilt and elevation of the blade. Boice-Crane Co. marketed this design as their "Monotrol" tablesaw. Moak Machine & Foundry Co. sold a Monotrol tablesaw from the mid-1960s until their demise in the 1980s; we have not been able to confirm that they used this patent, but the co-incidence of names and the similarities in external design imply that Moak did, in fact, license this patent. Moak's saw takes a 16-inch blade where the Boice-Crane saw takes a 10-inch blade.
    Adjustable mounting and drive mechanism for table saws William B. Boice Toledo, OH  
3,315,716 Apr. 25, 1967 Fence for tilting arbor saw Lawrence B. Mytinger Port Huron, MI
3,315,715 Apr. 25, 1967 Tilting arbor saw Lawrence B. Mytinger Port Huron, MI "It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel and improved tilting arbor saw which includes a unitary elevation and tilt control of greatly simplified construction which is economical to fabricate and is reliable in use.
"It is another object to provide an improved tilting arbor saw of this nature which minimizes backlash between the tilt pinion and rack, thus increasing the accuracy of tilt adjustment.
"It is a further object to provide an improved tilting arbor saw having these characteristics, which includes a novel apron locking device which is of simple construction, is independent of the tilting mechanism and positively locks the apron without creating shifting forces thereon."