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Manufacturers Index - Rochester Electric Products Corp.

Rochester Electric Products Corp.
Rochester, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Steam and Gas Engines

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Established in 1920 to succeed the Rochester Motor Corp., this motor and bench grinder manufacturer kept a low profile and may have only survived a couple of years before disappearing.

Information Sources

  • Despite a search, we could not find a single mention of Rochester Motor Corp. that predates the 1920 announcement of the Rochester Electric Products spinoff. We also found nothing in searches for patents and trademarks related to Rochester Electric Products and Rochester Motor.
  • 1920-07-15 The Iron Trade Review.
    Because the Rochester Motor Corp., Rochester, N. Y., desired to _concentrate its attention on its Duesenberg type of automobile engine, those in its official personnel most interested in the electric motor department have formed the Rochester Electric Products Corp. This company has taken over the manufacture of electric motors in a modern plant at Driving Park avenue and Argo Park. Rochester, and will confine itself exclusively to electric work. Edward F. Davison is president and treasurer; Joseph H. Kimmel is vice president and E. Darwin Smith Jr., is secretary.
  • 1920-07-31 Electrical Review.
    Rochester Electric Products Co., Rochester, N. Y., has been formed to manufacture the “Rochester” electric motor, the men interested also being connected with the Rochester Motor Corp., which in the future will concentrate its attention on the Duesenberg type of automobile engine. The officers of the new company are: Edward F. Davidson, president and treasurer; Joseph H. Kimmel, vicepresident. and E. Darwin Smith, Jr., secretary.
  • 1920-08-21 Electrical World.
    THE ROCHESTER ELECTRIC PRODUCTS CORPORATION, Rochester, N. Y.. recently organized, has taken over the manufacture of the Rochester electric motor, formerly made by the Rochester (N. Y.) Motor Corporation. The Rochester Motor Corporation will concentrate on its Duesenberg type automobile engine. At present the Rochester Electric Products Corporation will manufacture direct-current apparatus only of the power-motor type from 1 hp. to 15 hp., both constant and adjustable speed, horizontal and vertical drives, with plain bearings and ball bearings. D. W. Smith, with offices in the Singer Building, will represent the company in New York City and immediate surrounding territory, and Smith & Lewis, Real Estate Trust Building will cover the Philadelphia district. E. F. Davison is president, J. H. Kimmel is vice president and E. D. Smith, Jr., secretary.
  • The EMF Electrical Year Book, issued in June 1921, lists "Rochester Electric Products Corp., Driving Park Ave. & Argo Park, Rochester, N. Y." in the categories of "Buffers, electric, bench, pedestal and portable"; dynamometers; generators; "grinders, electric, railway track"; "motor-generators for miscellaneous uses"; "motors, special and miscellaneous"; "motors, D.C. series"; and "motors, D.C. shunt and commutating-pole".
  • The June 1922 Electrical Record and Buyer's Reference lists a new catalog from this firm: "Rochester Electric Products Corp., Rochester, N. Y. Folder. Brush mounting. That same month, the Electrical Record listed this firm as a maker of motor-generators and rotary converters.
  • A 1925 issue of The Iron Age has this note.
    The Lexington Machine Corporation, 431 Lexington Avenue, Rochester, N. Y., has been incorporated with a $500,000 capital stocking, having purchased the plant, equipment and other assets of the Rochester Motor Corporation. It will conduct operations in the acquired plant and is ready for large machine contracts. B. Nairn is president.
  • The April 1929 Chilton Catalog and Directory lists this firm.
  • The 1931 Mechanical Engineers Catalog and Product Directory lists this company. Note that it would not be unusual for a directory like this to list a company that