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Manufacturers Index - John T. Hepburn, Ltd.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
170,027 Jun. 06, 1916 Single purpose heavy duty lathes John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to lathes intended particularly for shell turning or other heavy duty work of one class, and my object is to devise simple, strong and powerful means for feeding the saddle carrying the tool carriage to provide for a quick return and for automatically stopping the lathe spindle and the feed at any desired point of travel of said saddle."
380,481 Apr. 04, 1939 Lathe John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to new and useful improvements in lathes and like products and the object of this invention is to provide a lathe which will be easily, efficiently and quickly operated by semi-skilled labour to produce shells or like products which require to be machines to very close limits with respect to the dimensions..."
380,482 Apr. 04, 1939 Lathe John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to new and useful improvements in lathes and the like and particularly to lathes which are used in the manufacture of shells. In manufacturing shells, they must be prepared to receive a copper band in their wall in proximity to their base. This consists in cutting a dovetailed recess in the wall and between the sides are a plurality of projections which are preferably parallel to one another but vary in distance from the sides of the recess. This operation is called waving... It is the object of this invention to provide simple and efficient means to perform this operation of cutting the dovetailed notch and the waving simultaneously in a comparatively short time with the minimum amount of exertion on the part of the operator..."
380,483 Apr. 04, 1939 Lathe John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to new and useful improvements in lathes and particularly to lathes used in the manufacture of shells. In manufacturing shells they must be a predetermined weight when finished and it is usual to weigh them before they form the recess in the base. The inspector or party weighing the shells marks in any suitable manner on the shell the excess weight. This mark is used as a guide in the finishing of the product as the shell is practically finished and the final operation of recessing and finishing the base allows the operator to set the machine to take off the necessary metal to bring the shell to the correct weight. The amount of material to be machined off per millimeter of base thickness bears a certain relationship to the weight in grammes and in my invention, I make use of this relationship to set the machine for making the necessary cuts..."
380,484 Apr. 04, 1939 Lathe tool feeding device John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to new and useful improvements in machine tools and particularly to single purpose lathes generally used in the manufacture of shells or the like. The main object of the invention is to provide a simple, adjustable, tool feeding device, easily controllable, for feeding the tool toward the work to be performed and to feed same evenly..."
407,482 Sep. 29, 1942 Elongated article loading device John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to a device for loading elongated articles into lathes and the like. The device according to the present invention is designed particularly for use in shops for loading heavy gun barrels, shafting or the like, into lathes or other machinery..."
407,630 Sep. 29, 1942 Driving control unit for lathes John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "This invention relates to driving control units for lathes and the like. In a great majority of cases industrial machinery at the present time is driven by electric motors and it is usual to have an electric motor mounted on machine units to drive them. However, in cases where the electric power fails, or where, for instance, such as in time of war, electric power installations have been destroyed, considerable difficulty is experienced since whole plants may be stopped through lack of power for operating the machinery and may be stopped for a considerable period of time... It is an object of the present invention to provide a driving control unit which may be bodily mounted upon industrial machinery in place of the motor so that the machinery may be quickly readjusted to be driven by other power means such as a diesel motor. A further object of the invention is to provide a complete unit of the character referred to incorporating a driving and idler element with a means for readily shifting the transmission from the power source of one to the other..."
420,604 Jun. 06, 1944 Cutting and boring mechanism John T. Hepburn ON, Canada "While the present invention may be applied widely it is convenient to illustrate it by reference to the boring of breech blocks for large calibre guns."
3,980,252 Sep. 14, 1976 Wire rope spooling mechanism Margus Tae ON, Canada "An improved spooling device is provided having a drive shaft defining a track including conventional double helices which are connected at their ends by parts of the track having any suitable curved or straight contour. An assembly on the drive shaft is made to reciprocate by engagement.
4,476,801 Oct. 16, 1984 Mooring device Derek Foster ON, Canada "A mooring device is secured to a sea-going vessel to handle anchor line of the type having an upper length of wire rope in series with a lower length of chain cable. The mooring device comprises a traction winch for handling the wire rope and a windlass for handling the chain cable."
    Mooring device Colin Rich ON, Canada  
4,690,049 Sep. 01, 1987 Hydraulic press with side slab guided upper platen Leon Malashenko ON, Canada "A 2000 ton hydraulic press which can be conveniently retrofitted for platen parallelism control has a conventional support structure which includes a base, a pair of side slabs and a cross-head. A lower platen is fixed to the base structure, and an upper platen is guided on the side slabs for vertical movement towards and away from the lower platen. Short-stroke, large bore compression-phase hydraulic cylinders are mounted within the lower platen, and have piston rods extending vertically through an upper surface of the lower platen. A vertical post is supported from each piston rod, and travels through an aligned vertical passage provided in the upper platen. A pair of long-stroke, narrow bore hydraulic cylinders permit the upper platen to be advanced quickly towards the lower platen to close the gap between the platens. Shoulders formed on the posts (all horizontally aligned when the compression-phase cylinders are fully extended) define a stop locating the upper platen a predetermined distance above the lower platen. Locking mechanisms mounted on the top of the upper platen can then be engaged with recesses formed in the posts to lock the upper platen to the posts. The compression-phase cylinders then draw the posts downwardly, moving the upper platen towards the lower platen and permitting a work-piece to be compressed between the platens."
4,694,744 Sep. 22, 1987 Hydraulic press without conventional side slabs and cross-head James Hepburn ON, Canada "A 2000 ton hydraulic press is designed to eliminate the side slabs and substantial cross-head associated with conventional presses. The press simply has a base that includes a lower platen and bolster plate. Four vertical posts extend upwardly through the lower platen bolster plate..."
    Hydraulic press without conventional side slabs and cross-head Leon Malashenko ON, Canada  
4,722,293 Feb. 02, 1988 Integrated winch and windlass Derek Foster ON, Canada "An integrated winch and windlass for hauling in and paying out a mooring line which consists of wire rope serially connected to chain cable is described. The integrated system has a pair of traction winch drums for conveying the wire rope, and a chain wheel for conveying the chain cable."
    Integrated winch and windlass Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada  
4,759,280 Jul. 26, 1988 Hydraulic press with adjustable platen clearance Leon Malashenko ON, Canada "A hydraulic press has a frame including a crosshead formed with a vertical passage. A lower platen is fixed to the base of the frame, and an upper movable platen is located between the crosshead and lower platen. Light-duty hydraulic cylinders move the upper platen between an operating..."
4,819,555 Apr. 11, 1989 Hydraulic press with adjustable platen spacing Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "A hydraulic press is adapted to permit adjustment of the clearance between upper and lower platens and to permit the press to be divided into distinct upper and lower sections for purposes of transport..."
    Hydraulic press with adjustable platen spacing Leon Malashenko ON, Canada  
4,828,474 May. 09, 1989 Hydraulic cylinder device for platen spacing indication and control Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "A press has upper and lower platens which can be moved towards and away from one another. Four hydraulic leveling cylinders are mounted in a vertical orientation on the lower platen for purposes of platen parallelism control..."
4,836,125 Jun. 06, 1989 Anchoring system for floating structure Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "An anchoring system for semi-submersible drill rigs is described which includes a wire rope-chain cable anchor line and in which system components co-operate to convey the junction of the wire rope and chain cable smoothly over a fairlead sheave..."
    Anchoring system for floating structure Martin Murray ON, Canada  
4,841,898 Jun. 27, 1989 Anchoring system for floating structure Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "An anchoring system for a floating structure is described. The anchoring system is of the type which employs a combination anchor line consisting of a lower length of chain cable connected to an anchor and an upper length of wire rope and which involves disconnection of the wire rope from..."
4,862,821 Sep. 05, 1989 Mechanism for tensioning a moving chain Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "In an anchoring system for a floating vessel which includes an anchor line comprising chain cable, a chain locker and a windlass having a chain wheel that conveys the chain cable during paying out from the chain locker, a mechanism is positioned between the chain locker and chain wheel..."
5,088,400 Feb. 18, 1992 Adjusting press platen clearance Andrew Ferguson ON, Canada
5,156,782 Oct. 20, 1992 Maintaining press platens in parallel relationship Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "Press platens are maintained parallel in critical central regions proximate to a mold between the platens. Leveling cylinders acting between the platens to resist downward action of a central ram on a movable platen..."
5,237,916 Aug. 24, 1993 Regenerative hydraulic cylinders with internal flow paths Leon Malashenko ON, Canada "A regenerative hydraulic cylinder has a piston dividing its interior into a pair of chambers. A rod extends from the piston through a cylinder end wall. Several axial passages in the piston extend between opposite piston faces..."