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Manufacturers Index - John T. Hepburn, Ltd.
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
4,690,049 Sep. 01, 1987 Hydraulic press with side slab guided upper platen Leon Malashenko ON, Canada "A 2000 ton hydraulic press which can be conveniently retrofitted for platen parallelism control has a conventional support structure which includes a base, a pair of side slabs and a cross-head. A lower platen is fixed to the base structure, and an upper platen is guided on the side slabs for vertical movement towards and away from the lower platen. Short-stroke, large bore compression-phase hydraulic cylinders are mounted within the lower platen, and have piston rods extending vertically through an upper surface of the lower platen. A vertical post is supported from each piston rod, and travels through an aligned vertical passage provided in the upper platen. A pair of long-stroke, narrow bore hydraulic cylinders permit the upper platen to be advanced quickly towards the lower platen to close the gap between the platens. Shoulders formed on the posts (all horizontally aligned when the compression-phase cylinders are fully extended) define a stop locating the upper platen a predetermined distance above the lower platen. Locking mechanisms mounted on the top of the upper platen can then be engaged with recesses formed in the posts to lock the upper platen to the posts. The compression-phase cylinders then draw the posts downwardly, moving the upper platen towards the lower platen and permitting a work-piece to be compressed between the platens."
4,819,555 Apr. 11, 1989 Hydraulic press with adjustable platen spacing Ronald Ballantyne ON, Canada "A hydraulic press is adapted to permit adjustment of the clearance between upper and lower platens and to permit the press to be divided into distinct upper and lower sections for purposes of transport..."
    Hydraulic press with adjustable platen spacing Leon Malashenko ON, Canada  
5,088,400 Feb. 18, 1992 Adjusting press platen clearance Andrew Ferguson ON, Canada