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Manufacturers Index - John T. Hepburn, Ltd.
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Founded in 1905, this Toronto foundry and engineering shop made only cranes before World War I, but then added engine lathes and shell-making lathes to their reportoire. In 1939, Mr. Hepburn was granted a series of patents related to engine lathes, which raises the distinct possibility that he continued to make lathes to at least that time.

From 1917-07-25 Canadian Machinery

Information Sources

  • 1918-08-15 Iron Age.
    John T. Hepburn, Ltd., Toronto, has taken over the plant of the Martin Pump & Machine Co., 47 Dawes Road, Toronto. The company will manufacture special shell lathes for the present and later will turn out a complete line of steam and water pumps, etc.
  • 1920-07-01 Iron Trade Review.
    John T. Hepburn, 18 Van Horne street, Toronto, will start work immediately on an addition to the foundry. The Sheet Metal Products Co., 199 River street, Toronto, has let the contract to Brown & Cooper, Ltd., 297 Carlton street, for the erection of a factory to cost $85,000, and construction work will be started at once.
  • From a 1939 issue of Canadian Engineer, an advertisement. The following is all of the ad we can see.
    HEPBURN... provides a complete engineering service! In the planning department, the foundry, pattern shop, machine shop, structural steel shop—in fact, in any part of the John T. Hepburn large and most complete works—you'll find the co-ordination of experience and skill that has made Hepburn Engineering Products famous all over Canada.
  • From a 1946 issue of Automobile Engineer, a snippet from Google Books.
    Hepburn lathe for turning, facing and grooving aluminium pistons up to 6in diameter. ... These notes deal with special purpose machines developed by John T. Hepburn Ltd., Toronto, Canada, for machining automobile pistons and cylinder ...
  • From a 1947 issue of Industrial Diamond Review, a snippet from Google Books.
    SPECIAL PURPOSE LATHES DURING THE WAR. John T. Hepburn Ltd., of Toronto, Canada, produced special purpose machines for the turning of shells, and their experience with these has enabled them to incorporate a number of ...
  • From a 1956 issue of Investment Dealer's Digest, a snippet from Google Books.
    John T. Hepburn—Licking The Parking Problem—A FEW weeks ago a white thatched, erect 78 year old Scotsman presided at the annual dinner of a firm he founded in Toronto in 1905 — when his total assets amounted to just $27.42. ... ago, the Company branched out into the manufacture of gears, overhead travel cranes, lathes, girders, castings and a host of other steel and building industry products.
  • The Canadian Fire Hydrant and Waterworks Museum has a web page for John T. Hepburn.