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Manufacturers Index - Superior Machine & Engineering Co.

Superior Machine & Engineering Co.
Detroit, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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In the early 1920s this firm made milling machines. And a decade before that, they made kits for building your own marine engines.

Information Sources

  • The October 1912 issue of Motor Boating carried the following small text ad.
    Build Your Own "Yale" Motor
    We Furnish Castings, Forgings and Drawings 4 to 16 H. P., 1 and 2 Cylinders, Two Cycle
    Superior Machine & Engineering Company, 51-53 Fort St. E., Detroit, Mich.
  • The February 1919 issue of Machinery has an article on a new oscillating-head milling machine from this maker.
  • Google Books lists a 1920 catalog of single- and double-spindle milling machines from this maker.
  • The January 1921 Automobile Trade Directory lists Superior Machine & Engineering Co., 451 E. Fort St., Detroit, Mich., as a supplier of steering gear assemblies, transmission gears, and machine work to order.
  • The March 1922 issue of Machinery has an article on a duplex hand milling machine from this firm that is well suited to "rapidly slitting automobile piston rings".
  • The 1995 Thomas Register of American Manufacturers lists "Superior Machine & Engineering Co. (Jigs. Special Machinery, Etc.), 887-T Chartier Rd.. Marine City. MI 48039".