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Manufacturers Index - Field Force Pump Co.

Field Force Pump Co.
Lockport, NY; Elmira, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Steam and Gas Engines

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      Established as an agricultural sprayer manufacturer in Lockport, NY ca 1882, the firm moved to Elmira, NY about 1901 after a fire at it's Lockport facility. The company lasted at least until 1939.

Officers (ca 1928):Pres.- H. S. Chapman
                                    V. Pres.- Wm. H. Gilbert
                                    Sec.- L. T. Barnes
                                    Adv. Mgr.- H. S. Chapman
                                    Gen. Supt.- Wm. H. Gilbert
                                    Pur. Agt.- L. T. Barnes

Information Sources

  • The Complete Guide to Stationary Gas Engines by Mark Meincke, 1996 page 117
  • More history and machine information can be found at Gas Engine Magazine.
  • An early (ca 1889-1889) Field Force Pump Catalogue is available from Biodiversity Heritage Library.