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Manufacturers Index - Havir Manufacturing Co.
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In the 1960s until the mid-1970s, this firm manufactured the Shape-Rite and Start-Rite shapers and the Press-Rite punch press.

We have also seen a Master carving machine made by "St. Paul Mach. Division / Havir Mfg. Company"; it seems likely that Havir acquired St. Paul Machinery Manufacturing Co.

Information Sources

  • An Operator's Manual for the 8" Shape-Rite Metal Shaper can be found here.
  • An owwm.org discussion of this Shape-Rite shapers has some useful information.
  • The lathes.co.uk store has some Havir manuals for sale.
  • 1986 Kluwer text book International Products Liability, Volume I, by Warren Freedman.
    According to Wall Street J., June 3, 1976, at 1, not much remains of Havir Manufacturing Co. of St. Paul, Minnesota. Havir Manufacturing Company, a small punch press manufacturer, had been hit by a wave of product liability lawsuits, filed by press operators around the country who alleged that they have lost fingers or hands while using the old Havir punch press. Havir's product liability insurance premiums soared from...