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Manufacturers Index - Frontier Machine Tool Co.
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In the early 1920s this firm made drill presses, grinding machines and power hacksaws.

From 1921-06-30 American Machinist

Information Sources

  • Google Books lists a 1921 catalog from this maker, "Grinders, Saw Machines, and Drilling Machines".
  • From a 1921 issue of American Machine & Tool Record:
    In the drilling machine illustrated, manufactured by the Frontier Machine Tool Co., 123 Lakeview avenue, Buffalo, reference is made to some important improvements in drill constructions... Elsewhere in this issue is printed a description of the Frontier Type "A" 20-in. Super Drilling machine with belt drive. The builder, the Frontier Machine Tool Co., Inc., of 123 Lakeview avenue, Buffalo, is also building the same type of machine, but arranged for motor drive instead of belt drive...
  • From a 1921 issue of Machinery:
    Power Hacksaw: Frontier Machine Tool Co., Inc., 122 Lakeview Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. A belt-driven power hacksaw provided with an ...