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Manufacturers Index - Martin Machine Co.
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We have seen a mid-20th century benchtop tablesaw, with Martin Machine Co. / New York" cast into both the base and the blade guard. A search failed to turn up any information on this maker. We have also seen the names Martin's Machine Co., Martins' Machine Co. and Martins Machine Co., all of New York. A 1933 bankruptcy proceeding involved "Morris Schildhaus, trading as Martin's Machine Company". A few years later, Schildhaus was president of hat-machinery maker Marvin Machine Corp.

Information Sources

  • 1934 Federal Supplement: Cases Argued and Determined in the District Courts of the United States and the Court of Claims. "In the Matter of Morris Schildhaus, trading as Martin's Machine Company, Bankrupt. U. S. District Court, Southern District of New York, August 15, 1933. No. 55759. ... In the matter of Morris Schildhaus, trading as Martins Machine Company, bankrupt On motion of George Krouse, a creditor, to vacate ex parte order reopening case. Motion granted. Irving Sehwartzberg, of New York City, for bankrupt. Gustav Lange, Jr., of New York City, for George Krouse. PATTERSON, District Judge. The petition was a voluntary one. The bankrupt failed to post with the referee the indemnity required by the rules and the case was closed. No first meeting of creditors had been held and no notice had been sent to creditors. More than six months after adjudication the bankrupt obtained an ex parte order reopening the proceedings, and the referee has since called a first meeting of creditors. It is now too late for creditors to file claims. The bankrupt's offer to permit permit the filing of claims nunc pro tunc is worthless, since the time cannot be extended by the parties or by the court. This being the case, it would be inequitable to permit the reopening of the proceedings at this time, merely to enable the bankrupt to obtain his discharge. The motion to vacate the ex parte order reopening the case will therefore be granted..."
  • 1940 Industrial Directory of New York State. "Marvin Machine Corp., 28 W. 4 St. Hatters' machinery. P.: Morris Schildhaus."
  • Morris Schildhaus was granted a pair of patents, applied for in 1937, for hat-making machinery. We did not find any other patents granted to him.
  • We found several mentions of similar-named companies in New York State that we believe are not related. A Martin Machine Co. of Flushing, NY was assigned a couple of mid-1960s patents; one was for a counter readout for a machine, and the other was for a printer roller. We also found several other Martin Machine Companies, including one in the village of Newfane, NY (near Buffalo), but none of these seem remotely likely to be the tablesaw maker.