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Manufacturers Index - Lewis T. Kline
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Lewis T. Kline was definitely in business by 1909, making lathes and excelsior (wood-shaving) machines. Mr. Kline received woodworking-related patents as early as 1883, but we currently have no other evidence that he was manufacturing before 1909.

Information Sources

  • In 1883 Kline received a patent for sawmill log-turner. An improvement to that design was patented in 1888. In 1904 he received a patent for an automatic lathe with cut-off saw. In 1906, he and Homer K. Stockwell were jointly granted a patent for a spool-making machine.
  • 1920 ad in "The Wood-Worker" for lathes and excelsior machines.
  • 1922 catalog entitled, "Excelsior and Wood Turning Machinery." Excelsior is essentially fine wood shavings that were used for packing and mattress stuffing.