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Manufacturers Index - Kindt-Collins Co.

Kindt-Collins Co.
Cleveland, OH; Lakewood, OH, U.S.A.
Company Website: http://www.kindt-collins.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Founded in 1914 by Ernest T. Kindt, Kindt-Collins Co. started making sanding machines shortly afterwards, perhaps during the 1920s. Their sanders have the "Master" trademark. By 1982 Kindt-Collins was a division of Hines Investment Corp. They stopped making woodworking machinery in January 1997.

This company makes products aimed at patternmakers. They also make specialty waxes, such as for dentistry and for casting jewelry.

Kindt-Collins sanders were heavy-duty and expensive, and there are some 60 year old sanders still seeing daily factory usage. Kindt-Collins is able to supply the commonly-replaced parts for almost all their machines; other parts, such as major castings, are not generally available, though they may be able to provide blueprints.

Kindt-Collins also sold machines that were manufactured by others. For example, in the 1920s they sold a 12-inch "motor-driven bandsaw" that was also referred to as the Jarvis saw; the saw was described as patent pending (in 1924, a patent for the saw was issued to Benjamin E. Jarvis and Leonard C. Lotz, both of Newark, NJ). They also sold Wonder Sander spindle sander, and an 18-inch "Master Bandsaw" that was likely not manufactured by Kindt-Collins.

Information Sources

  • The basic historical information is taken from the Kindt-Collins website.
  • Kindt-Collins has been assigned seven patents spanning 1940 through 2002. Three of those (spanning 1953 through 1962) are for sanding machines; see the patents section below.
  • A 1982 trademark filing is from "Kindt-Collins Co., a division of Hines Investment Corp."
  • Correspondent Robert Bernstein provided the following information:
    [From] a slim, undated pamphlet, about 9 by 6, entitled 'Let's Get Acquainted,' perhaps from the late '40s, or 1950s.
    • Company founded: 1914
    • Initial location: 1030 [St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland N.E.]
    • Initial product: pinch dogs
    • Early developments: wax fillets, waxes, metal male & female dowel sets
    • 1918: pattern lumber added
    • 1927: moved to 12697 Elmwood Ave Cleveland
    • Subsequent: added other products
    • 'our present location:' 12651 Elmwood Avenue
    • Photographs show offices, 'machine assembly' [disc sanders], 'wax room,' 'foundry' [for light casting], pattern lumber storage, shipping, and 'our officers,' including E. T. Kindt, who founded and ran the place for more than thirty years.
    I suspect this firm did its best business during the two big wars; founded for one, prospered in another."
  • Robert Bernstein provided us some information on Kindt-Collins catalogs. Catalogs G, H, and K are small 6x9 catalogs, and are believed to be from the 1920s. Catalogs M, N, and O are 9x11 catalogs and are likely from the 1940s. Catalog O is the only catalog with a date: 6-49.